Breakfast: Coffee, milk & juice with dutch oven biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage and eggs along with pancakes, syrup and fruit you will stay full until lunchtime.

Evening activities may catch you around the campfire, playing cards in the saloon, enjoying the piano and maybe singing along, or simply enjoying the star-filled Montana night sky.  But don't feel badly if you want to rest up for the next day's activities with turning in early and getting a great night's sleep in your one-of-a-kind residence!

If you are out on an off-ranch activity, lunch will be provided via lunch pail prepared that morning or offered with a voucher at the golf course or ski area.  Ranch lunch is served at 12:00 pm for guests on the ranch. 

Snacks throughout the day are available in the dining hall for guests that are working up an appetite.  No hunger pains will be experienced here at Pinon Springs.

Afternoon activities will fill the time before supper bell is rung.  This may include an afternoon ride for those that passed on the morning ride, or an afternoon tee time, walking tour, hiking, or maybe even a massage by our licensed massage therapist.  How are you at throwing horseshoes?  We have pits waiting for a challenge. Also offered are many outdoor games or maybe just a challenging game of checkers outside the Merchantile while watching the hens chase some yummy bugs. 

Lunchtime: Fresh lemonade and tea served with a garden salad,  cut vegetables,  homemade soup with a built-the-way-you-want sandwich on a variety of breads.

A Sample Day at Pinon Springs...

Mornings come early at Pinon Springs so the Dining Hall is open at 6:30 a.m  to accommodate those early risers with coffee, fruit, and other breakfast items. A full breakfast is offered at 7:30 a.m.

The evening prior, guests can sign up to help with town activities, chores, or their adventure for the next day.  This includes horseback riding, hiking, day tours, kayaking, etc.  For those adventures that require notice, i.e. golfing, the activity should be arranged prior to arrival.  Gathering eggs, canning and other special chores will be posted and available for guests to experience.

After breakfast those wanting to ride horses will meet down at the livery stable and arena to meet their horse.  Basic horsemanship and safety will be required for those using PSR horses. Rides begin around 9:00 am and go for an hour or two depending on skill levels and adventures. 

Supper bell rings and a great meal awaits your tastebuds.  Beginning with a social hour of appetizers and spirits followed by a fresh garden salad, special potatoes and coleslaw, homemade baked beans, and mouthwatering barbeque ribs off the grill or bite into a tasty chicken grilled to perfection. End your meal with a variety of homemade desserts. 

Social hour begins at 5:00 pm in the Ride'm-n-Slide'm Saloon where you can visit about your day's adventures, look at pictures and sign up for the next day's activities and view upcoming menus.  Wines, beer and some spirits are offered to those 21 yrs or older. Supper begins at 6:00 pm serving family and buffet style. Recipes passed down from many families that settled here are served offering a taste unbeatable by others.  Nothing tastes better than a meal prepared in a Dutch oven made of fresh ingredients.