There is something special that is brought to life by the quiet remoteness of the sheepherder lifestyle.  You’ll have breathtaking views of starry nights and Mount Haggin as you look out from your wagon door. You can only imagine the thoughts and dreams of those pioneers seeing the mountains for the first time. Savor the crisp mountain air, the wide open spaces that surround you… a world to yourself in the high mountain country of Montana.

Sheepherder’s Wagon

"Honeymooner's Wagon"

Sleeps 2

1 bathroom

Many families and even newlyweds had romantic notions of crossing the country going west to find their paradise. In the late 1800s, this meant traveling in a wagon. No question you will be taken aback when stepping into your Sheepherder’s wagon, affectionately referred to as the honeymooners’ wagon.  This wonderfully surprising combination of “real old west” outward appearance provides a sharp contrast to the comfortable, cozy and thoroughly modern accommodations that greet you as you open the door!