Shuttle Service

Shuttle Services to/from the Ranch

Pinon Springs Ranch shuttle service is available from the Missoula, MT and Butte, MT airports. The shuttle service is usually the best option for those travelers for whom the ranch is their single destination. If you are planning to travel elsewhere after your stay with us, a rental car is usually a better option. From the Missoula airport, the shuttle service takes approximately 1.5 hours, about 2 hours including the time it takes to get your baggage, to arrive at the Ranch. To be timed with your flight departures, your return trip to the airport will be scheduled 5 hours in advance of your flight which gives enough time at the airport for travelers, even with small children and checking in baggage. For current costs, please contact the ranch. If you schedule an advanced shuttle, you will be billed at the time of checkout. We do not include gratuities for the driver on your bill. Scheduling shuttles can be done by using this form below or by calling the ranch at 701-319-1223 or 701-371-5092.